This course is designed as a management workshop focused on the strategic level use of best practices to guide service management improvement.

ITIL and COBIT are two of the most widely adopted frameworks for supporting IT governance and management improvement initiatives and when used together as complementary tools can provide an even more powerful solution to an organization’s service management needs.

The course tackles the challenge of “business and IT alignment” and how to engage management and business users in the design and effective operation of IT services.

This course is interactive and thought provoking and includes:

● Group discussions

● Expert videos

● Role plays

● Assignments

● References to the Axelos publication: “Interfacing and Adopting ITIL and COBIT”

● Practical “take-aways”

Duration                            Learning Credits

1 day-8 hours of                 8 PDU’s


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Course Outline

Module 1: Course Introduction

● Let’s Get to Know Each Other

● Course Overview

● Course Learning Objectives

● Course Learning Style

● Course Agenda

● Course Book Structure

Module 2: Business and IT Context

● Module Learning Objectives

● Module Topics

● The Need for Good Practices

● The ITIL Experience

● The COBIT Experience

● Benefits of Integrating ITIL and COBIT

● Debrief

Module 3: Governance and Management of IT Services

● Module Learning Objectives

● Module Topics

● IT Service Management Challenges – Group Discussion

● Business and IT Service Provider Relationships – Role Play

● Debrief

Module 4: Implementation Strategy

● Module Learning Objectives

● Module Topics

● Aligning Management of Services to Business Needs – Group Discussion

● Using the Goals Cascade – Reading

● Selecting Priority Processes – Assignment

● Debrief

Module 5: Initiating and Action Plan – The Business Case

● Module Learning Objectives

● Module Topics

● Initiating an Improvement Plan – Group Discussion

● Continual Improvement – Reading and Assignment

● Debrief

Who can attend?

The course is aimed at business and IT management and encourages interaction and the exchange of practical insights and approaches.

Learning Goals

Understand the context of business and IT alignment.

● Identify the benefits of aligning the COBIT5 and ITIL frameworks.

● Identify the business risks of IT services.

● Identify the drivers affecting service management.

● Explain how to align IT services with enterprise objectives and risks.

● Explain how to use the COBIT 5 goal and risk cascade.

● Analyze how to prioritize and focus on critical process areas.

● Understand how to drive and initiate an improvement plan.

● Recognize drivers/pain points for improvement.

● Explain continual improvement and the need to monitor benefits

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