This course covers the critical software development related issues that you must address. It helps you understand and choose the best approaches for your organization. The course is relevant in any technology environment, regardless of the automation tools you use. Management issues including responsibilities, automation objectives and return on investment are also included in the course. In addition to technical matters such as testware architecture, pre- and post-processing and automated comparison techniques.

Duration                            Learning Credits

1 day-8 hours of                 8 PDU’s


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Course Outline


● Objectives, what we cover (and don’t cover) today

Session 1: Managing Test Automation

● Test automation objectives (and exercise)

● Responsibilities

● Pilot project

● Measures for automation

● Return on Investment (ROI) (and exercise)

Session 2: Scripting Techniques

● Objectives of scripting techniques

● Different types of scripts

● Domain specific test language

Session 3: Testware Architecture

● Importance of testware architecture

● What needs to be organised

Session 4: Pre- and Post-Processing

● Automating more than tests

● Test status

Session 5: Comparison Techniques

● Automated test verification

● Test sensitivity

Session 6: Testware Maintenance

● Common maintenance issues

● Maintenance mitigation

Who can attend?

● Software Engineer

● Software Tester

Learning Goals

At the end of this course, you will be able to:

● Achieve better success in automation

● Deal with management issues and technical issues

● Plan an effective automation strategy

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