In today’s professional world many things are seen as a “given”. Every individual is expected to perform above average in their area of expertise and it is given that they will excel in interpersonal skills, including presentation and communication skills. Unfortunately this is not the norm. Presentations skills can be developed over time through practice and experience. However, without proper guidance and advice, anyone may develop wrongdoings that may unconsciously negatively impact the desired outcome; whether to entertain or educate the audience, or succeed in “selling” an specific idea or project.

The course is tailored according to the specific needs of each participant or group as per the intake. After the course, participants will gain expertise in the following skill areas:

Abilities: Accurate reading, articulation, correct pronunciation, pausing, proper sense stress, principal ideas emphasized, volume, modulation, enthusiasm, gestures and facial expressions, visual contact, and voice quality.

Content: Visual, practicality, logical development, introduction, development, main topics, conclusion, accuracy of information, illustrations, photo/video, color schemes, time usage and control, and content properly proportioned

Preparation: Man in the mirror test, mock presentations, recording test, time practice, and use of outline.

Delivery techniques: Conversational tone, natural, extemporaneous, fluent, improvisation, conviction, exhortation, encouragement, tactfulness, and respect.

Managing audiences: Personal appearance, poise, use of microphone, interest-arousing, practical value and takeaways, familiar situations, understanding your audience, expectations, effective conclusions, and effective questions.

Duration                            Learning Credits

1 day-8 hours of                 8 PDU’s


Public Classroom Pricing:    

Early Bird Price: CAD 649.00

Regular Price: CAD 799.00

Instructor-Led Virtual Live Pricing:

Early Bird Price: CAD 549.00

Regular Price: CAD 699.00

Private Group / In-House Learning:

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Course Outline

Before we Begin

● Welcome/Introductions

● Purpose/Inspiration

● Course Dynamics

● Intake/Results/Wordweb

● Social Skills 101

Part 1 

● Stages Involved

● Fear – How to Deal With it

● Video: TED Talks Format – Chris Anderson

● Exercise: Coping with Fear

● Activity: Test your Panic

Part 2 

● At the Stage: Use of Microphone and Poise

● Gestures and Facial Expressions

● Exercise: Gestures

● Voice and Volume

● Video: Megan – TED – Stutter

● Exercise: Create Your own Pre-event Routine – Video Tonny

Part 3 

● Visual Aids: KISS

● Effective Handouts

● Exercise: Walk on Walk off

● Exercise: Voice

Influence and persuasion

● Definitions

● General Overview

● Positive and Negative Ways to Influence

● Open discussion: Sun v/s Wind tale

● Video: The Science of Persuasion

● Exercise: The Budget Presentation

● Exercise: The Language Trip of a Lifetime – Language Focus: Convincing and Persuading

Introduction to Communication and Negotiation skills 

● Communication Skills

● Exercise/Role play: A Brief History of Communications

● Negotiation Skills

● Video: The Negotiator


● Wrap up

● Self Assessment GAP

● Feedback Form

● Closing Remarks

Who can attend?

Anyone who is interested in presentation skills, including Managers and Team Leaders

Learning Goals

At the end of this course, you will be able to:

● Work on valuable skills including reading, analyzing and organizing.

● Handle fear

● Understand the use of technology for presenting

● Understand Stage presence and poise

● Influence and persuade

● Know how to rephrase questions and negative comments

● Learn how negotiation and communication skills may influence your presentation.

● Put thoughts in writing with a goal in mind, prioritizing ideas and messages

● Work on valuable skills including reading, analyzing and organizing.

● Handle audiences, conversing, eye contact, answering questions, remembering, showing and transmitting enthusiasm, appearance, poise, choice of words, express conviction, repetition, and more.

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