The Team Kanban Practitioner class teaches the basics of the Kanban Method, a methodology for teams to reduce waste in current processes and optimize workflows. During this 1-day class, each participant will:

● Be able to design and implement a Team Kanban board.

● Learn the basics of visualizing different types of work and associated risk.

● Understand how to proceed to the next level with Kanban

Duration                            Learning Credits

1 day-8 hours of                 8 PDU’s


Public Classroom Pricing:    

Early Bird Price: CAD 649.00

Regular Price: CAD 799.00

Instructor-Led Virtual Live Pricing:

Early Bird Price: CAD 549.00

Regular Price: CAD 699.00

Private Group / In-House Learning:

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Course Outline

Module 1: Introduction

● Definition of Kanban Method

● The meaning of Kanban

Module 2: Understanding Kanban Systems

● Kanban Method Practice 1: Visualize

● Kanban Method Practice 2: Limit Work in Progress (WIP)

● Kanban Method Practice 3: Manage Flow

● Kanban Method Practice 4: Make Process Policies Explicit

Module 3: Featureban Game

Module 4: Proto Kanban

● Kanban Method Practice 5: Implement Feedback Loop

Module 5: Commitment & Replenishment

Module 6: Closing Thoughts

Appendices: Kanban Values Exercise

Who can attend?

● Team members in professional services roles whose employer wishes to explore and pursue Kanban.

● Those who feel overburdened and wish to find some respite to enable them to “get things done” with quality, improved speed, and predictability.

● Managers and team members who need help focusing on what to work on now, what to leave until later and what to discard altogether.

Learning Goals

Individuals certified at this level will have demonstrated their understanding of:

● the Kanban Method.

● how to design and implement a basic Kanban board.

● work item types and the risks associated with specific work items.

● the training roadmap and the value and benefits to be derived at each step in the Kanban Method.

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