This is a 1-day class that gives a background on SDN architecture, definitions, and where the industry is heading. This class has been designed to serve a variety of audiences including sales, project managers, network engineers and anyone interested in learning the current SDN landscape.

Duration                            Learning Credits

1 day-8 hours of                 8 PDU’s


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Course Outline

Module 1: Introduction

●   Company introduction

●   Attendee introductions

●   Logistics

Module 2: Definitions and standards

●   Problems in Networking (that SDN can help solve)

●   Making the case for SDN

●   SDN Flavors

●   What is OpenFlow

●   WAN

●   Transport Networks

●   JOIN/VMWare

●   Cloudwatt/Contrail

Module 3: Open SDN 

●   Pica8

●   Overview

●   L2/L3

●   OVS/OpenFlow

●   Data Center Orchestration

●   Big Switch

●   Company Info

●   Products

●   Evolution of SDN Architecture

●   SDN in the Data Center

●   Big Cloud Fabric Overview

●   Brocade

●   Overview

●   Features

●   Packaging and Prerequisites

●   Use cases and Added Value

●   Application portability and IP Protection

●   Support Options

Module 4: SDN via APIs

●   Cisco

●   Overview


●   DevNet Learning Labs

Module 5: SDN via Overlays

●   Juniper Contrail

●   Overview

●   Architecture

●   Business Use Case

●   Pros

●   Cons

Module 6: Case Studies

●   SDN Environments

●   Data Center

●   daylight

●   Orchestrator vs Controller

●   OpenStack Overview

●   OpenDayLight Overview

●   OpenDayLight integration with OpenStack

Module 7: Openstack vs OpenHow does OpenFlow work

●   Friends of SDN

●   SDN Definers

Who can attend?

This course is aimed at sales personnel, network engineers and architects, decision makers, and anyone interested in understanding SDN.

Learning Goals

● The issues that SDN aims to address.

● Describing the different components that make up the SDN framework.

● Identify the major vendor solutions in the SDN arena.

● Different use cases of real-world SDN implementations.

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